Traditional fuel used in aircraft is kerosene-based, which produces many greenhouse gases and has high carbon emissions in the environment. Not only this but, current commercial planes also contribute to global temperature rise because of the contrails and harms the environment more. Moreover, these aircraft produce a large heat for which it requires regular coolant. Liquid hydrogen used as the coolant can be used for a much better purpose than just keeping the turbine engine cool.

Many companies and innovators have realized the potential of hydrogen and are working upon using it as fuel for powering engines. As part of some recent projects, hydrogen fuel engines have shown promising results for transportation and other purposes.

Revolutionary Changes Are Expected From Hydrogen Fuel For Transportation

Several properties in hydrogen make it an environment-friendly fuel with zero carbon emission. But hydrogen fuel production is not easy and convenient unless it is done on a large scale. However, if most commercial aircraft start using hydrogen for fueling the jets and other aircraft, it can contribute to a considerable fall in environmental degradation.

And if aircraft can use hydrogen for fueling, other transportation can also see this as an opportunity to make eco-friendly vehicles. And according to some researches, hydrogen-powered vehicles can run longer than electric vehicles at the same cost, which makes it more convenient for land-based vehicles.

Producing Hydrogen For Zero-Carbon Fuel Is Not Simple 

So far, companies like ZeroAvia are using techniques like solar panels and windmills to collect hydrogen fuel. But this generates a minimal amount of fuel in a while that is one of the significant reasons behind slow progress in the direction. In addition, producing hydrogen from water through electrolysis isn’t cheap, while other methods have a carbon footprint that is not an eco-friendly solution.

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