By forming your company, you must generate documentation and notify the many administrative third parties who must be aware of your new venture. There are services and businesses available to assist you in your creation process.


  1. Conduct a market research?

This stage enables for the identification of the competition and the determination of the types of holding companies

  1. Develop a business plan

Financial partners, particularly banks, require this paperwork for any business founder. As a result, it is a critical stage in the development of your project. You can use the business plan to: Evaluate potential consumers

  • Analyze future turnover
  • Analyze the future market share gained.
  1. Select a local

It is all about locating the best site for your future business. 

  1. Enter the firm name

Steps should be taken with the national institute of industrial property (inpi) or on the organization’s website. However, make sure to check the name’s availability first.

  1. Make a trade declaration

After forming your company, you must register it with:

  • The postal service
  • The electrical provider
  • The provider of gas
  • The water provider

Provider of telephone and internet services

  1. Contribute to a retirement fund

Membership must be obtained within three months of the business’s registration.

  1. Sign up for the approved management centre.

Membership must be obtained within 5 months of registering. There is a network of skilled advisors that are devoted to a quality approach to make you understand the types of holding companies and are available to assist VSES and SMEs in facing the future.

What are the steps to launching a business?

To start a firm, you must first conduct a market research to determine whether your proposal is viable. Then you must carry out a business plan in order to analyse your idea in the long run. 

What are the resources available to help you establish a business?

The primary financial aids for launching a business are aer (under certain conditions), arce for those who qualify, nacre, and grants for women, all of which aim to reduce inequities in entrepreneurship. Andorra Advisors provides a wide range of legal services to ensure that you have the assistance of the lawyers in any situation that may arise.

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