When we talk about designing a modern kitchen, the thought that fills in our minds is that it should be completely filled with technology and every other thing completely dipped in marble. However, when it comes to a basic modern kitchen, simple nature colors, pop-ups and color shading between the ridges and the tabletops would be something that can be called basic.

Here are some basic modern kitchen designs that you should know about:-

  1. Espresso Kitchen

When we say the term espresso in terms of design, it means a dark chocolate brown color-coded within things and paired with white. As for an espresso kitchen, we would have something like wooden floors, dark cabinets, and a black table top to accentuate the same. But, the ceilings, the door handles, and the empty spaces between cabinets or floors should be white.

  1. Metallic design

As mentioned before, when it comes to basic modern kitchen design, we need something filled with technology. Rather than spending on the design and decor, worry more about the quality of the fridge set up or your induction. Rest, paint everything with steel and white color. A clean steely stink also has many aesthetic vibes. 

  1. Wood

Wood is something that can be incorporated into any design. And yet, many basic modern kitchen design booklets have wood as a separate design and not as a designing entity. This is something which is far more exciting as you get to choose the quality of wood. You can either cover the entire surface, including the cabinet with dark wood or mahogany, or you can use blonde wood, which would be pleasing to the eyes. Another important thing you need to notice is that you can even incorporate all these three designs and make one just for you.

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