Are you using the window 10 application? If yes, then you have to select the best auto clicker for ios so that you can get the unique features. In case if you wish to play the game on window 10, then installing the auto clickers would be the best option for you. In these applications, most of the clicks are managed the tools only that make the user play the online games quite easily.

Steps to set up auto clicker application

If you have decided that you wish to set up an auto clicker application, then in that case, you must have an idea about the basic steps that you must follow for setting up and using the auto clicker application. Now we will discuss some of the steps:

  • Step 1

The first and foremost step is to run the auto clicker software on your respective personal computer. Make sure that you run the application as its admin.

  • Step 2

As you have run the application as an admin, this will allow you to communicate the mouse click applications with the various desktop games.

  • Step 3

Now you are free to use the auto clicker tool with the help of the keyboard shortcut. If you have not configured the keyboard then you can option to do the configuration instantly.

  • Step4

Now it’s time for the user to start and stop the automated clicking process.

  • Step 5

In case if the shortcut of the keyboard is not working, then, in that case, you can just use the mouse shortcuts to get better results.

After completing the steps mentioned above, you can start playing the various games options with the help of the auto clicker application, and with the passage of time, try for the more advanced options.

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