Heating has been almost synonymous with environmental exploitation for what seems like ages. People not only in the Baltics and Scandinavia but all around the State have been a part of this environmental damage and natural exploitation to achieve their convenience. Scarcely available exhaustible resources like coal, electricity, and gas are put to use for heating requirements leading to undesirable consequences like

  • The life of heating stoves have been shortened
  • Promotion of diseases and allergies
  • Emission of combustion residues
  • More expenses than usual on energy supplies

Hence, the emergence of an efficient alternative had been in necessity leading today odav puitbrikett to rise in popularity. Here is why you should prefer them instead of the traditional anti-environmental methods.

What are these alternatives? The primary question

These wooden briquettes are fuels made of natural components that are specialized to be environmentally friendly and don’t consist of any additives. These Briquettes then are attached and kept intact together using natural glue-like substances that are present in various plants and trees –  lignin. The Briquettes that are specifically compressed are known for their high density and possibly weigh 1t/m³. Hence, it indeed does consume a lot of space.

Pellets are produced in varied sizes like with diameters of 6mm and 8mm. Both of these variants available are appropriate for regular usage simultaneously in pellet burners. These can be used in different sectors like industrial automation systems and also for household and domestic uses.

What are the key features of Briquettes?

  • Quick Room Heating
  • Suitable for any heating stove
  • Doesn’t emit black smoke or soot
  • No requirement of special conditions for storage 
  • Is synthesized from locally available ingredients and is hence feasible
  • Is affordable

Hence, the above-stated reasons are why you should give a second thought to the traditional method and take up odav puitbrikett without a second thought. It has an immense utility of its own and by using them, you not only save yourself a lot of bucks and secure good health but also contribute to environmental betterment and natural protection.

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