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An Overview On Things To Consider When Buying A Potter’s Wheel

Pottery is the process of molding clay into bowls, plates, mugs, and other designs and has been an art for centuries. In the early days, this was the only option, so everyone made their crafts with handwheels. But since then, pottery has come a long way. Ceramic manufacturing processes are very different today due to the latest technology, electricity, and YouTube tutorials to help people.

Things to consider when buying the pottery wheels

You must keep a few things in mind while purchasing the best pottery wheel:-

  • Potter’s Wheel Cost

The potter’s wheel will be an indispensable part of your craft as a potter. There are differences between wheels, so you need to decide the best price for the potter’s wheel, which is best for your needs. The potter’s wheel is a prominent cost factor-definitely go to a comparison store. Check with some online distributors and local ceramic and artist suppliers. Remember to compare the cost of the cargo with the cost of the potter’s wheel itself.

  • Longevity

When purchasing your first wheel, it makes sense to buy a beginner wheel. But if you want to make pottery a substantial part of your life, you may want to pay more money on the potter’s wheels. The reason for this is that balance wheels last very long. Electric wheels will last for more than ten years, and kick wheels will last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

  • Potter’s Wheel Portability

When choosing between an electric wheel and a kick wheel, portability is an important consideration. Electric potter’s wheels are often more convenient to carry than kick wheels. They are smaller and naturally considerably lightweight.

  • WorkSpace and Splash Pan

Some potter’s wheels are very manageable and consist only of a grinding head, a frame, and a power supply. Others have a work table attached, some with mounted hooks and some without mounted edges. Another popular accessory is the sprayed pan. These are very beneficial if you want to reduce mash when throwing.

Purchasing a potter’s wheel is a big scary move. Therefore, keeping in mind the mentioned variables before buying will help you in the long run.

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Online Cover Designers – Why Do You Need One?

You might have come across some cover designers and wondered how they are any different from photoshop editors or cartoonists. Well, a designer has a much wider field of work, and they have to experiment with lot more ideas than a photoshopping artist or a cartoonist. So, first of all, you will find artworks on so many distinct topics in the cover collection of a cover designer.

Some of them are designed for books or writers to be used on the cover page of the book. Then a designer may also produce artworks for music albums or song tracks you might have seen attached to any song nowadays. Moreover, there could be motion covers which are small video clips with an image and sound playing in the background that is generally used for promo.

What Should You Seek In A Cover Designer For Your Project?

Anyone who produces content for the public, whether a book, music or anything, needs an infographic that enhances its sales. And to make it attractive and detailed, you need skilled hands who can create a masterpiece. Hence, you need a cover designer, who, first of all, should have enough experience in the field.

Moreover, you should go through the portfolio and see if the past projects or premade covers are impressive enough. Also, it is essential that the designer has knowledge of modern tools and has sufficient gadgets and technology that can help in his work. This way, you can rely on the designer to give you a considerable piece of art.

We hope you would have understood the purpose of hiring a cover designer for music work or books or posters. If you are also indulged in any such activities, you can hire one for enhanced sales of your content.

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Three Ways To Share Twitch Stream On Other Social Media Platforms

If one is a Twitch streamer, what exactly stops them from posting the same content to social media? Twitch is for watching gaming content, and to be a popular steamer; one needs to post and steam daily. But, if one wants to increase their audience numbers, it is crucial to take help from other social media. Here are three ways to share twitch streams on other social media accounts:-

Share a clip

One can cut and trim a clip from the entire steaming video and then share it on social media. It is helpful if one plans to post a short form of the video on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Here one cannot post a very long video, and thus trimming a clip or two using any video editing tool can be helpful.

Edit the stream

Those who want to post their videos on YouTube can use a video editing tool to edit and trim the stream and then posit it on YouTube. One thing is that YouTube allows one to post long-form videos. Thus, one can post an edited version. To keep in mind, editing and trimming a video for YouTube does take time and effort. One can also use a to share the videos. 

Post the link

The easiest way to post the stream to other social media platforms is by posting the link on the social media page. One can go to the twitch account, click on the steam, copy the clickable link and paste it on Twitter or Facebook. One thing to keep in mind is that the video will not be embedded. Instead, it will take the visitor to the twitch platform for watching the stream. 

Yes, there is no way of directly sharing the same content on other social media. But one can be creative and put in some effort to keep the audience informed about new content they can find. 

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Beginners Guide To Taking Perfectly Blur Free Sharp Images

We,ve all had them; those images that looked fine on your cameras small LCD screen but after you loaded them on to your photo editer they look blurry or out of focus (or both). Yes, we could sharpen the images in Photoshop elements and try and mask the mistake and that’s ok if they’re only slightly out, but if they’re too blurry and out of focus then it may be impossible to redeem them. So, it’s better that we try and get a crisp, clear picture in camera; and there’s a few ways we can do that.

Trusty tripod

The first way is by using a tripod, particularly when the light is poor or when you need to use a slow shutter speed, yes, I’m always going on about using a tripod but it’s true; by using a tripod you reduce the risk of camera shake and therefore, giving you sharper images.

But of course, a tripod is not always practical for some types of photography and also, it depends on the type of subjects you like to photograph, but, if you have a choice then you should always use one to get a sharper image. If you’re looking for a good tripod but can’t afford a ‘Manfrotto’, there’s plenty to choose from at more affordable prices.

Raise the ISO level

If a tripod can’t be used for whatever reason, then you’ll have to hand hold your camera, if you’re shooting in low light that could mean that the shutter speed may go below what might be acceptable to hand hold (below 1/60th sec). If that’s the case then try raising your ISO level; this is simply a measurement of how sensitive a cameras sensor is to light, so by raising the ISO level, less time is needed to expose a picture, which means you can use a faster shutter speed.

The downside is your picture may start showing some noise (it gets grainy) the higher the ISO setting the more noise. With some digital cameras you could raise the ISO level up to 1600 ( they can go as high as 6400) and the noise on your photograph will still look acceptable, but for a sharp, bright picture then keep the ISO level as low as possible.


Another way to get sharper pictures is to make sure you’re focusing properly on your subject. When a digtal camera focuses it uses focus points in the shape of a diamond and the active point shows in red; auto-focus will work well a lot of the time but sometimes, such as low light situations, shooting through glass, certain patterns and lines can confuse the lens on what to focus on.

If you encounter this sort of problem then try using manual mode, this will help you isolate your subject to get the shot you want. If you’re hand holding your camera, and your lens (or camera) has image stabilization, then make sure you switch it on, but if you’re using a tripod then you’ll need to switch it off otherwise the IS will still be searching for movement (when there isn’t any) and this, albeit tiny amount of searching can cause minute movement. Find the best business headshots in Naples.


Photographs can make you earn loads of money but only when you are very much talented and your work shows it off. Getting a certified training and degree is important to start it for yourself. People always prefer certified professionals over just random ones around

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Tattoo Risks: Best Aftercare Tips For You

Getting a brand new tattoo can be exciting and challenging as well. You have thought about this for a long period of time and finally you have got your favorite design inked to your body. It will be there with you for the rest of your life from now. Here are a few aftercare tips that you should check out for the best – 

  • Don’t expose the fresh tattoos to direct sunlight or rain. As the tattoo hasnot dried, direct sunlight or water can irritate the skin big time. This can degrade the tattoo & cause skin issues.
  • Always cover the tattoo with a light cloth when you are going out. Any dirt or dust, if they fall on the tattoo, can lead to serious skin problems or cause a lot of itchiness for a long time.
  • Use a tattoo aftercare cream to make sure that the tattoo is healing good. It takes at least 3 – 4 weeks for a tattoo to heal completely. So, you need to use a premium aftercare cream to make sure that the skin is continuously healing.
  • Wash the tattoo very well once you come back home after getting inked. You need to get rid of all the blood and plasma that accumulates on the surface and around the tattoo. Use lukewarm water to get the best and safe results.
  • Always use a mild non-fragrance soap to clean the tattoo. These are free from any chemicals and that is why they are light on our skin. They won’t cause any problems around the tattoo when used.

  • So, here are some very important tips that you should keep in mind when you are going to get a tattoo. You can use a Tattoo numbing cream uk when getting inked to reduce a bit of pain. However, make sure to consult with the tattoo artist before using any such medicine or cream.