What seemed to be a problem in the bitcoin and altcoin new ecosystem until a short time ago, it is likely that a solution was found by consensus, the miners have made an effort and seem to agree with this new attitude, and blockchain and bitcoin may Follow its course in the history of finance.

Bitcoin’s world scaling solution has seen another intriguing development. In recent months, multiple solutions have competed to be the winner. Now it seems that this debate is finally coming to such a necessary end. SegWit2x is at 84.9% support, and SegWit is up 42%. It is clear that the Emerging Consensus is no longer relevant at this stage. The extension blocks did not even achieve significant traction.

It is not at all surprising to see things finally come to an end. SegWit2x has been increasing in popularity for quite some time. More specifically, the sealing solution is something that most of Bitcoin’s mining pools seem to agree with. No one expected to see that a few months ago, but things have a habit of separating and arriving at an expected solution. On the other hand, this discussion has lasted too long, which is true.

It is mentioned that the emerging consensus, is out of the reason is not true that there was an agreement to do what was planned. Therefore, the Emerging Consensus is rapidly losing ground as we write. This scaling solution was right on some’s head for some time. However, it never reached 50% or more in terms of support. Although several pools still indicate Emergent Consensus, it will never be activated on the net. It was a good concept on paper, but the community never fully supported it. Without the support of the community, solutions like the Emerging Consensus will go nowhere.

Interestingly, SegWit signage has increased as well. Now it is a little ahead of the Emerging Consensus, but still, it lacks much support. With 42%, things will not go anywhere soon it can fade. On the other hand, now that Segwit2x has surpassed 80% support, it is only a trivial matter, to understand where it is going. The Bitcoin network will finally receive the Segregated Witness, which is a good option. It will not be in the way that most people had anticipated, everything that is happening is evident.

It is quite interesting to see that AntPool still mines large numbers of emerging consensus blocks. At the same time also, they are the largest SegWit2x pool. Also, BTC.top and F2Pool are slowly improving their position. It is also mentioned that between July 31 and August 1 will be two key dates for the future of Bitcoin, It will be interesting to see how things develop once SegWit is activated on the network. This scaling solution will bring many positive changes to Bitcoin.

In summary to bitcoin are waiting for days of much activity that can mark a before and after to apply these techniques of improvement of the network. New ads are expected.

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