Pokemon Go Coins are the reward currency in the game for purchasing new things and upgrades in the game. While you can earn a lot of consumable items by playing regularly, some things like clothes for your trainer, upgrades from Permanent storage is only achievable through the acquisition of Pokemon Go Coins.

Advanced tips for players

  • The evolution of involuntary Pokémon makes them healthy

It is a little trick that will sometimes save you some revival potions. Unlike previous Pokémon games, your Pokémon cannot simply get taken to a Pokecenter to get revived after passing out in battle. Deeper into the gym fight scene, your Pokémon will regularly hit zero health, meaning you’ll be using plenty of rejuvenating potions to level them up.

  • You can train in friendly gyms

Pokemon Go’s Gym System is probably the most under-explained and complicated feature in the game. When it comes to attacking rival Gyms, the process is comparatively straightforward. Some players might not realize that you can fight in Gyms that are controlled by your team. This privileges not only the Pokémon you’re fighting with but the Gym’s Prestige Score as well.

  • Disable AR

Pokemon Go is the distinguished claim to fame of AR. Pokemon Go makes Pokemon look like it can be found in the real world, thanks to the app’s clever use of augmented reality technology. If you want to catch Pokémon, you may need to consider disabling AR completely. The actual method of catching Pokémon is a bit easier to do without AR, and it also gives you a boost in battery efficiency in the process.

If you hold a Lucky Egg in your possession, this feat becomes even more profitable, as breaking any of these nets will double XP for 30 minutes. Once you have got a good number of crap Pokémon and registered candies, pop a Lucky Egg and start unfolding them like crazy. Join the Pokemon go community day December 2020.

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