How to safely meet up with someone you met at an Online Dating Site? Given below are some Tips on Safe dating.

Online dating is wonderfully anonymous until it’s time to take the plunge, that is, meeting up in person. While safety on a first date is primarily a female concern it’s good for anyone using the web as a singles database to know some basic ground rules for being thoughtful and aware when meeting up with a pseudo-stranger. Here are four suggestions for safety in online dating…once it moves offline.

Ensure that the meeting of the people with the Hotel Dames Amsterdam girls is safe and secure. The online site does not perform any scam or fraud with the people. Understand the rules for meeting the girls and take them to the date. It is the essential thing that you need to know to have the best and safe experience. 

Meet Up at a Public Place:

This one seems too obvious…who wouldn’t meet up with a date in a public place? But some areas are more public than others and it’s the nuances that can get you in trouble. Firstly, choose somewhere you know will be crowded like a restaurant, a bar or a bowling alley. Secondly, no matter how great the date is going resist the urge to head to somewhere more secluded like a house or even on a moonlit walk. People looking to take advantage of you will put in a few hours of ‘date conversation’ to get your guard down.

Ditch the Chivalry:

Online dating is the one place you can relax your rules – in this case your date actually shouldn’t pick you up at your house as an act of respect. It’s best to play it safe on this one in the beginning since revealing your home address (particularly if your date already knows you live alone) to someone you don’t know isn’t smart. Don’t get yourself into trouble by falling for a gentlemanly gesture.

Alert the Media:

Okay, so maybe you don’t have to alert the media but let at least one trusted friend know where you’re going and with whom before each and every date, and even into the second and third dates. It’s a great call to send an email before your date to a friend with the information you have on your potential suitor and of course, let them know when you’ll be home so you can get back in touch. I once did it when I dated some guy from the eHarmony dating site which turned out to be a creep on the third date, and that note saved me. A quick phone call or text to let your friend know you’ve made it home safely is never a bad idea.

Keep Your Guard Up:

Just like you wouldn’t tell a stranger on the subway all your emotional baggage and the fact that you often work late in a specific office building, don’t tell online suitors, either. Though it may seem hindering when you’re trying to make a connection, personal and identifying details are best left out until you get to know someone in person. Saving a little mystery makes for more interesting conversation once you’re actually out on a date and it’s a surefire way to stay safer, too.

Online dating isn’t scary –

99.9% of the people who use online dating sites are there for the right reasons but like anywhere on the web you’ve got to be careful who you divulge information to. Staying safe is part of the game in real-world dating as well as digital so protect yourself by planning ahead.

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