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What Is Dental Bonding And How It Is Done?

Do you have cracked, chipped, or multi-colored teeth in your mouth? Well, if it is so, then it is sure they are the reason why you get embarrassed everywhere where you go! The very first thing that people notice in the human body is their face, and in that face, the best part is the smile of the person.

And imagine the situation where your smile is the only thing that is causing major damages to your personality just because you have chipped and multi-colored teeth. Well, perhaps it seems like you are in need of getting the dental bonding toronto done!

What is dental bonding?

  • Dental bonding is the process that usually involves the repair of the tooth that is chipped, cracked, or is multi-colored in appearance. It is the best way in which the person can get a better appearance and hence can bring the charm of their personality to work over others.
  • It is basically a procedure in which the dentist will apply a solution to your tooth to make it the same in color or to clear the cracks in the tooth. However, further, the solution is frozen or fixed with the help of a light, and hence the exact shape can be given to the tooth.

The procedure

  • The dentist will use the shade card to guess the color of your tooth and match it with the solution.
  • After this, the dentist will work on where the solution is to be poured and add some liquid that will allow the bonding.
  • Now the doctor will apply the resin-like substance that is meant to be added in your tooth to get it in shape or make it of the same color.

  • The last step is to pass it through ultraviolet light and after which the doctor can get it into the shape!
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